New Website

The new website is HERE!

It is DONE!

I had been meaning to do a major makeover of my website for a while, to structure it better, improve the look and expand the contents, and it’s finally ready to be published!

It is bigger in scope now! The old one I think was pretty barren in terms of content so I have plans to put a bunch more stuff on here, be on the lookout as I will be updating it soon! It even has a custom domain now,!

I also have a BLOG now I guess, there is definitely some stuff that has accumulated from the past which I want to write about when I got some time!

In terms of design, I wanted to keep it very simple (both in looks and implementation), but make it look a bit nicer, and I’m fairly satisfied with the result! The implementation is still pure html + css + some javascript where needed, and using Jekyll for static site generation, the whole code can be found here. I will warn though, I have no idea what I’m doing.

That’s all for now! Hope to see you again soon!